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1ARTICLE: Empty ARTICLE: Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:07 am

Lisa kaulitz

Lisa kaulitz

ARTICLE: Bill-kaulitz-tarnt-sich

Which disguised idol do we have here?

Who we have here? The person in the photo is NOT teen sensation Justin Bieber (17), although one might suspect it's him at first sight. However, our sought celebrity can walk across the street like Canadian "Baby" singer without being chased by screaming girls. Today's Star-riddle may be easy for those of you who already follow every step of the singer. The artist is a big fan of eccentric fashion, and changes of appearance and underwear. No wonder you have experience in the fashion industry. . At present, it is rather quiet around the desired star, however, being desired is enough to recognize in the middle of the night in Los Angeles for the paparazzi on the prowl. Well, you know who are looking for? As always the answer later!
Many of you have already detected: dressed celebrities are nothing more than Tokio Hotel star Bill Kaulitz (22), which was discovered on Tuesday in Hollywood for the paparazzi on the street. The singer a few months ago with his twin brother Tom had to move to the U.S. for some distance around the Bomm celebrity. So without being detected both Kaulitz brothers also remain in the capital of cinema as these photos show.



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